Converse Releases CONS Holiday 2013 Sneaker Collection

By - Thursday, November 14th, 2013

On November 12th, Converse Rubber Tracks studio celebrated the introduction of CONS and the launch of their 2013 Holiday Sneaker Collection. Check out the photos from the event here. The evening, an opportunity to experience CONS, included a screening, live performances and a preview of the collection. We sat down with the VP of CONS, Darin O’ Brien and the VP of Marketing for CONS, Ian Stewart to talk sneakers, Rubber Tracks and CONS. Tell us about the ethos behind CONS, in particular the influence of music, art and style. When we were doing the work on defining CONS as a whole, the lens in which we were looking at it was modern street culture. It wasn’t just about graffiti, it wasn’t just a skate thing, it was the collision of what happens on the street as part of the culture. The way we looked at that was through the lens of music first which is a main driver within culture and a Converse brand strength but then also art, style as well as skateboarding as a part of that. Can you speak more on the thought process behind the footwear? Initially when we came up with this collection for holiday, specifically to launch with Footlocker, Footaction and Champs, we really wanted to approach it in a way that we were going connect with kids and they were going to look at Converse differently to maybe what they would assume Converse is. One of the first things we wanted to do was bring back the Aerojam, an iconic silhouette from the 90’s. We wanted to pay respect to the silhouette as a whole by keeping it as close to the original as possible but also building it for kids today. Specifically the midsole, using softer EVA foams so its a lot more comfortable as well as reducing padding in the collar and tongue so it overall has a better form, fit and feel. That was one, the second one was also introducing a new style in the Anarchy, having a really clean silhouette overall and adding that iconic Converse detail in the back of the sneaker as well as the strap that kids could either lock their foot down, as well as pop it out and create their own style. Last was to bring back the Star Player which is an iconic style for us as a whole but we wanted to update the back of the silhouette and give it from a design perspective a nod to the Aerojam and a little bit of the direction we are going in with the molded collar, also paying respect to what that silhouette represents for us. How did you choose ambassadors to represent CONS? Its kind of one of those chicken and egg stories because we wanted to get some people involved who could help us be useful in communities, that was the goal. We put together a huge list of friends and family of Converse, people we had worked with at Rubber Tracks, skaters and artists including our Wall to Wall project and we looked at people who were part of our brand story. We picked out a group of probably about 20 people within communities in different cities around the US, being useful and listening to the kids, asking them what they need tying into art, music and skate. Available now. Sold exclusively at select Foot Locker, Footaction, and Champs stores. $70USD – $110USD

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