Converse Launches “Made by You” Campaign and Virtual-Reality Experience in New York City

By - Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Converse’s newly launched “Made by You” campaign features 200 pairs of Chucks, each worn uniquely by a diverse array of artists, from every facet of the industry, as well as other well-known celebrities who represent Converse daily by wearing Chucks.

The core of the Converse manifesto hinges itself on its products’ ability to endow its wearer with simple but high-valued individual and creative expression. Millions of people have worn the shoe, yet the shoe is never the same. From person to person, skidmark to skateboarding rubber burn, Sharpie design to lace choice and tie, the shoe takes on a different identity with every personality it bolsters. This is the concept behind “Made by You.” And it’s pretty dope when you think about it. In a world of consumer sameness, where the majority of shoppers can pick out articles that belong to their own closet on people in the streets of major urban cities almost daily, the uniqueness of a piece of apparel or shoe that Converse’s Chucks offer is imperative.

Beyond its intervention in the monotony of today’s consumerism, the campaign is actually a sneaker art exhibition, paying tribute to some of pop culture’s most expressive and celebrated artists and their individual stylistic choices when it comes to wearing (and tearing) Chuck Taylors. It is also a reminder that whether intentionally or not, we are all creating unique things, experiencing individually tailored realities. The campaign prompts the thought that you can embed the world around you with your personal style, simply by existing.

Of course, sneakers made by the likes of Futura (12oz friend and past collaborator) and Ron English are covered in paint, whereas Andy Warhol’s pair is defaced by permanent marker, spelling out whatever Warhol had on his mind the day he decided to customize it. The shoes reflect the personalities of their wearer in the same way that the personalities seem to reflect the flexibility of the shoe’s style.

New York inhabitants and visitors can check out the Google Cardboard 3D virtual-reality experience by heading over to the Flatiron District. The experience allows users to step into the shoes of people like Ron English, and to spend some time in another’s Chucks.

As Wiz Khalifa and his affiliated “Taylor Gang,” named so aptly for their affinity for Chuck Taylors, might say: Taylor Gang over everything.


News via Fast Company

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