Cope2 "Naturalism" Print Release with 1xRUN

By - Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Cope2 and printshop 1xRUN just released “Naturalism” today, their 4th print release together. This edition of 60 sold out in a day, but you’ll have another shot at some new original artwork by Coper2 at his solo show Hypnotic opening in New York City on Saturday, February 16th at Gallery 69. Here’s what Cope2 had to say about the painting that inspired the print: “I called this piece Naturalism because the way this piece was done is naturally just how I do it. I’m natural in what I do. I pretty much just freestyle when I do pieces on walls or paintings. I never go with a planned outline or colors. When I do a painting I go about it the same way, I didn’t want to call it Natural, so I liked “Naturalism”. It was created in 2011 towards the end of the year. Sometimes I make paintings a few at a time and basically just used acrylics, enamel and some spray paint. “This is a dope painting. It is one of my favorite little canvases, I really do love this painting. I think it was 36 x 36 Inches. It’s got a nice classic Cope bubble in pink and blue, right in the back that I used to love to do, just the PE in the back. It’s got some pieces of a subway map. If you look at the top corner above the Cope tag in pink, there’s a little collage piece of the Berlin subway map. Then all the way under the Naturalism, there’s a piece of the New York City subway map.”

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