Copenhagen Burners Website Launches with Years of Danish Graffiti

By - Thursday, April 12th, 2012

A new graffiti website named Copenhagen Burners has been launched today documenting the best of the best from the city of Copenhagen. One of the most prolific and influential Danish graffiti artists, Bates, championed the new site on his blog on 12ozProphet. Here’s Cph Burners official statement and a few highlights from the site: What is Cph Burners? Cph Burners is a graffiti website dedicated to showing you the best graffiti from Copenhagen – and the surrounding area. Cph Burners show the most elaborate and thoroughly made pieces and burners with focus on talent, technique and attention to detail – without viewers having to shift through lots of pictures with mediocre motifs and simple, sloppy silver pieces. Cph Burners aims to select the finest and collect them here. It is not important whether the graffiti is legal or not. What matters is the quality of the art. However because elaborate pieces are usually time-consuming to make, not so many of them are possible to make illegally, so most of the work shown here is legal. Another factor is that even when great graffiti is produced illegally, it is difficult to photograph them before they are removed so if you’ve got such photos please send them. Anyone can send in photos of graffiti made in the Copenhagen area – or made by graffiti artists from the Copenhagen area – as long as they follow the guidelines (see section “Do you have photos for Cph Burners”) – and the size and quality of the photo is good. Cph Burners is a non-profit website created from love of graffiti and a desire to promote great graffiti art both in Denmark and internationally. This site is for anyone who loves graffiti whether you´re from Sweden or Samoa. Who is the editor of Cph Burners? My name is Jezpar and I am the editor of Cph Burners. I photograph many of the pieces and burners seen on this site as well as edit and upload them. I also view and select works from the pictures you send me and when I’m not behind the camera or at the PC, I’m out making graffiti. I’ve been a graffiti artist since 1986 and still going strong. Over the years I’ve build a large network of graffiti artists in Denmark as well as internationally and I have several years of experience publicising graffiti art in both magazines and online. I first printed a magazine in 1999 called “Byens Puls” (“City Pulse”) followed by a graffiti section by the same name on Denmarks first hip hop website “”. Later on I had regular graffiti sections in printed hip hop and urban culture magazines “Actionspeax” and “DubCNN” but now it is time to launch a website with unlimited space, instant updates and more possibilities to show the many great works of art that Copenhagen graffiti artists produce. As an editor selecting works for the site I look for skills, technical ability, originality, attention to detail, and personal style, I look at flow, color work, how well executed the characters and/or letters are as well as coherence. Do you have a photo for Cph Burners? If you have one or more photos you think should be on the website, you’re welcome to send them and if they fill the requirements they will be added to the site. You can read about the artistic requirements in the section above, but apart from those, it must also be a piece or burner not previously shown on the site, and not produced before 2007. The photos should be minimum 72 dpi (maximum 300 dpi) and no smaller than 700 pixels on one side. Please send your photos to with a small note on when the piece was made and where, geographically. I can’t guarantee your photo(s) will be published, but I will reply as soon as possible. If you have any ideas, questions or comments regarding Cph Burners please write to If you want to keep updated then join us on Facebook now (go to Cphburnerscom and click “like”) – and you will be first to know when new pictures are uploaded and when we get videos up on the site.

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