Recap: Crash "Remnant Memories" at TT-Underground Gallery

By - Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

On Friday evening legendary graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos presented the opening reception for “Remnant Memories” at TT-Underground in the East Village. Crash received wide recognition for painting trains in the 1980’s and had his work immortalized in the book Subway Art. A creative pioneer who was one of the first artist to make the transition from painting on the trains to the art gallery. The show is a “return to the classic” according to Crash, a tribute to his own roots and the roots of graffiti. The show includes Crash’s work on canvas, as well as three dimensional works which were produced by Metal Man Ed. The metal pieces are a tribute to Crash’s time spent painting on the subway and resemble the panels of the IRT subway line on which he honed his early skills. To steal a line from the film Style Wars “it’s as though these pieces were peeled of the train.” The pieces feature Crash’s classic New York style, his use of vivid colors, and elements of pop art. The opening was well received by all those in attendance. The show runs through March 11th and is highly recommended for anyone who loves classic New York graffiti. Text and Photo: Leonard Swann

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