CX CITY- 12oz Chats with Tyler Watamanuk the Man Behind the Brand

By - Friday, November 30th, 2012

CX.CITY is a menswear brand based out of both the coastal South Bay of Los Angeles, and the historic Lower East Side of New York City. Founded in 2008, the brand’s core purpose is to create collections dedicated to a timeless aesthetic of the past, blended with the modern look of today Recently we spoke to Tyler Watamanuk of CX CITY. Over the past five years Tyler has been working within both the Design and advertising industries. While born and raised in Southern California, Tyler currently resides in Manhattan’s LES. How and when did the brand start? I had just quit touring with my old band and had settled back in my hometown to start working but felt I needed a new creative outlet, and was burnt out on playing music. I’d always been into design and graphic tees so CX.CITY was formed as my passion project, and just grew from there. I started printing each shirt by hand in my garage and learned the screen-printing process from the inside out. While the brand has obviously evolved past that, I still carry that same hands on approach and eye for detail. Initial and ongoing concept? Lifestyle? I’ve always taken huge influence from my surroundings, so I knew the core concept of this brand would be driven by the inspiration found in my environment. Whether I am in Los Angeles or New York, I constantly strive to create products that honor the visual history and aesthetic found in both cities. Any collabs? We have a just released collaboration with a London based tattoo artist by the name of Daniel Ronson in our winter ’12 line. Look for the future? Continuing to push the brand forward: more products, sharper creative, better visual stories. Our best days are definitely ahead of us, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Agenda? It isn’t definite but we are looking into doing Agenda next August. For more from CX City visit the CX.CITY website. For more of Tyler and his work visit his personal website. Text: Milk / Kill The Giant™

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