Preview: Cycle "Myth, Science, Color" at Weldon Arts

By - Friday, November 16th, 2012

Last night Cycle opened his latest solo show Myth, Science, Color at Weldon Arts. Here’s what he had to say about his latest exhibition: “I am trying to show a variety of styles and subject matter and material. I am trying to show a full range of technical ability as well as conceptual thinking. Some pieces have a more hard edge illustrative style. Some are more painterly. Some pieces are invented characters, some are recognizable images. I am always trying to explore and try new things. I am never satisfied with one style or subject matter. I love to experiment. Sometime I feel it get me in trouble because I think people see me all over the place, but I see it as a positive because I am not limiting myself. [Similar to, the more one reads], the larger your speaking vocabulary becomes. The invented characters are the “Myth”, the recognizable images are the “Science” and the “Colors” are what ties it all together. I love my bright colors. I am attracted to Lime Greens, Hot Pinks, Turquoises, Purples. I think my chosen color pallet is a residual effect from all my years of graffiti.” Note: The opening was Thursday night. We had previously posted that the opening in Tonight, however the exhibition will be up through December 1st.

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