Cyclops: The Way of All Flesh Solo Exhibition @ The Outsiders London

By - Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

“There is a personal aspect to these images. I’ve had people around me suffering with mental illness… and this idea of a troubled, decaying beauty I think is captured in a rose, or the stillness of a face, which is surrounded by chaos.”
Cyclops is having his first solo exhibition at The Outsiders in London, opening on November 29th. The Manchester native was influenced early on by graffiti, the house music scene at that time and the allure of the underworld. Post addiction and time on the streets, he returned to the art scene after a ten years hiatus, forming the Burning Candy crew.    Cyclops’ work has been shown at the Tate Modern gallery as part of its 2008 exhibition Art on the Street. The artist was also invited by Banksy to appear in Exit Through the Gift Shop, however, he was arrested during filming, the resulting footage can be found in the documentary’s final cut. After a number of shows and painting world wide, he was accepted into London’s prestigious Royal College of Art with no prior training or eduction for a three-year masters’ degree to evolve his art further. The artist has transformed his style over time, exploring late Renaissance style, religious imagery, photo-realism with his experiences as a graffiti writer. Currently Cyclops works from his studio in east London. Read more about this show here.
“This particular body of work is about capturing a moment – a lens-based approach to image making,” says the artist, “but I knew that wasn’t quite enough, so I’ve tried to introduce further life into the works, spontaneous elements. I’m interested in images the combine beauty and decay.”
The Way of All Flesh opens Friday, 29th November and is on view through, Tuesday 24th December 2013

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