CZR PRZ paints Soho House Chicago

By - Monday, June 22nd, 2015

This month’s installation at the Soho House was created by artist CZR PRZ. After watching him paint, it is clear that there is complexity about the way he builds. It seems so abstract when the shapes begin to form, and then clarity comes in later in the process. As a member of the Ava Grey crew, he has painted murals and participated in gallery shows throughout the Chicago area. 

His two murals have a completely different feeling but share commonality in the way he utilizes the corners. Some artists have found the canvas to be a bit off-putting, but CZR PRZ is an artist who decides to go head on, literally. His corners look almost three-dimensional and the artwork pops with his own personal style. He just recently completed a mural in Canada with his friend Denial in Windsor. 

If you have been following my articles, you know that I like to get a bit of the artist’s perspective with each work I document. I asked CZR a few questions about his work and experience. Check out the interview below for an intimate glimpse of the thought process and personality behind his works.

How does technology influence or does technology influence your decisions on your current works and how you paint?

When it comes down to my design and build out work, technology definitely has a huge influence. From sketching and digitizing for color to having patterns machine printed or cut for vinyl,  stencils and other materials. A lot has to do with the end result of quality and the time it takes to creating certain pieces, and that’s not even getting into photographing work and doing the whole social media thing, which is pretty much making people famous and getting world wide recognition. I’d also probably be producing less if not for using some technology, at least when it comes down to my design/production stuff

How much does personality determine the success of an artist? 

I don’t think that impactful, quality work can come from boring people. Some of the most talented artists I’ve met are either crazy jerks or the most humblest person ever, and in some cases there are artists that are better at selling and marketing themselves than they are at painting. 

Have you ever painted with your mentor? Who is he/she? Tell us about that experience. 

Although I had people I looked up to when it came to painting, I never really had anyone other than some art school teachers, teach me much, or helped me develop my style. Many of the artists I admired I ended up meeting later on in my life

Does your mom know what you do?

She does, she tells her friends I manage a Burger King though.

If you could turn back time, which mural of yours would you like to destroy?

Haha, most of them really 

How do you feel hip-hop culture plays into the graffiti/street art industry?

It’s obviously a huge avenue for getting involved into the lifestyle, I myself got into graff because of bboying, but I also got into punk rock through graff. I kind of feel street art isn’t based around a larger culture like graff is with hip hop, but there’s no doubt that graff itself is one of the main influences of street art. 

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