Recap: Dallas Penn's Lo End Theory Invades Highline Ballroom

By - Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

It’s been a lonnng time coming! Three years ago, Dallas Penn first envisioned a get-together for all things Ralph Lauren. Plans fell through the cracks, but 2013 finally saw the long-awaited event come to fruition. Coined the “Lo End Theory”, Penn brought Polo enthusiasts under one roof to celebrate the love of vintage RL. 12oz got dipped and swung by the first leg of the event. A line outside the Highline Ballroom had formed, and it was a sight for sore eyes. Attendees were draped in colorful pieces over 30 years old, displaying articles from Mr. Lifshitz’s best collections from years’ past. Inside the venue was more of the same. Gems ranging from Snow Beaches to Suicide Ski’s and P-Wing’s saturated the crowd, as pieces were bought and traded with fervor. The man of the hour (Dallas Penn) was dressed like a hip-hop Captain America, covered from head to toe in red, white, and blue ‘Lo. From the speakers, old school hip hop helped set the tone. Unfortunately, we had to book before the performances got under way. But scheduled to perform was a carefully curated set of hip hop acts heavily influenced by RL, including Timeless Truth, Meyhem Lauren, Lo-Life founders Thirstin Howl and Rack-Lo, Roc Marciano, and Sean Price. Following the event was “Lo Goose on the Deuce”, a long-standing yearly event (props on their 25th anniversary!) where the Lo-Lifes take to Times Square to politic, flash that vintage RL skiwear, and reminisce under the Square’s lights. Shout out to Dallas Penn for pushing the culture forward. Looking forward to v.2! Photo & Text: Steven Lau

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