Dan Plasma: Street Arts' King of Controversy

By - Sunday, July 14th, 2013

No stranger to controversy, WildStyle Crew member “Dan Plasma” is a street artist with a quarter century of highly political work under his belt. Before his inevitable expulsion, “Plasma” was a member of THR, (“The Human Race”) Barry McGee’s legendary East Coast graffiti crew from the late 1980’s. Dan Plasma, continues to paint murals in NYC, San Francisco and around the world. Recently a series of “Free Tibet” murals in Asia lead to a night in jail for Plasma who was forced to pay over seven thousand dollars in fines, and warned not to use religious images of the Buddha, (considered sacrilege), in his spray paint murals again, or risk a five year prison sentence and deportation. In 2009 Plasma was scouted by Adam Rozan of the Oakland Museum. Plasma’s work was featured in several top art magazines alongside artists such as “Banksy” and “Giant”. Plasma’s canvas work was shown at White Walls, The Shooting Gallery, and Project One Gallery, where in 2010, a highly political collage by Dan Plasma, sold for over $60,000 (sixty thousand dollars), proof that controversy sells… Dan Plasma continues to show work in New York and European galleries, and has numerous collaborations with artists such as Chris Ellis, Eric Zener, Fernando Carlo, Mark Bode and Michael Tracy, all of who’s work appears in Museum collections such as the SF MoMA, NYC MoMA, the Ludwig Museum in Aachen, Germany; the Brooklyn Museum of Art and most recently the Volklinger Hutte museum in Germany. Plasma, is seen here at one of his Warholian sponsored openings with fellow Bay Area artist, Meg Wolfe, and with Mark Bode, who helped Plasma transform Caledonia Alley behind St.John’s Episcopal Cathedral, from a drug ridden, needle covered alley in the San Francisco Mission District, into a popular outdoor mural attraction.

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