12ozProphet Exclusive Interview: Danny Supa on Remembering Harold Hunter

By - Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Harold Hunter was one of the most revered skaters in NYC’s history—in fact, he’s become a legend of the city’s skate scene during the 90s. He was fun, outgoing and above all respectful towards others; he used to quip, “Don’t hate, participate.” It was this attitude that helped him gather the support that would lead to his success in skateboarding, acting and everything else he did. Six years ago he died an untimely death but the skate community still remembers him through Harold Hunter Day because he was the embodiment of what skateboarding should be. 12oz recently had the opportunity to speak with native New Yorker and pro skater for BLVD, Danny Supa, who was also a long-time friend of Harold’s and teammate on Zoo York. 12oz: Do you remember meeting Harold for the first time? Danny: I don’t actually remember the first time I met Harold. 12oz: What was it like growing up and skating with him? Danny: It was just like what we do now. Skate all day long then party at night. Just having fun with friends and living life to the fullest. He was always fun to skate with. Always hyping up the crew by doing something funny or just talking about anything, period. 12oz: When did the two of you get on Zoo York and what was it like being on the same team? Danny: Well he was definitely on before I was. We were always friends but I got on Zoo around 1994. It was chill cause we always skated together so it wasn’t much of a change. 12oz: Did he have any favorite NYC skate spots? Danny: I would say Washington Square Park. We skated there all the time—it was just a dope hangout spot and that’s where we met up a lot. 12oz: I always hear about his awesome personality, tell me about it… Danny: It was great! He was always trying to make you laugh and succeeding at it. Also, he was very good with the ladies. He really knew what to say to keep their attention. And you couldn’t walk down the street without him stopping 100 times so he could say hi to all the people he knew who passed by him. 12oz: How do you think Harold would’ve wanted to be remembered? Danny: Just to be loved and laughed at—the funny times—and to skate and party just like he did but to be responsible at the same time. That’s how I think he would want to be remembered. This weekend we celebrate Harold Hunter Day VI, in NYC’s LES/Coleman Skatepark from 1-5 pm, sponsored by the Harold Hunter Foundation, Airwalk, Zoo York, Supreme and more.

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