The Dark Empire Crew’s 20th Anniversary Jam in Chicago

By - Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Last month the Dark Empire crew celebrated its 20th Anniversary by meeting in Chicago and celebrating with friends in what became a pretty impressive paint jam session. DE members Optimist, Amuse126, Kaer67, Japan, Tenfold, Drama, Morgan, Wrane, Zeam, Hades, Plantrees, Celr and Tork got together with Chicago artists like Max S, Goya, Therd, Zero, Dtel, Urae, Cujo and many others to make it a day of sprays and drinks. The event took place at the popular graffiti spot in Chicago known as Crawford Steel.

The Crawford Steel Plant is a massive industrial building that spans an entire city block on Chicago’s south side. It has been painted since the 80’s by a who’s who of local graffiti artists and sometimes visitors to the city. The walls of this building are now curated by the CMK (Chicago’s Most Known) crew. This building is also a magnet for many of Chicago’s Art Photographers as the area not only offers the Crawford Walls, it also offers many different locations other than the building that can be photographed if you’re with someone that knows their way around.

12ozProphet was invited and had the pleasure of witnessing and being a part of this jam with the DE crew and all of the Chicago artists that participated and as always we are happy to be sharing it with the 12oz familia.

By Jeff Mancilla


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