12oz Exclusive Preview: Darkclouds "Big World" at Tender Trap

By - Thursday, February 21st, 2013

The Superior Bugout presents an exhibition of artwork by the street artist Darkclouds titled “Big World” at the Tender Trap in Brooklyn. The Iconic imagery of Darkclouds’ grey, dripping mass surrounded by vibrant color has been a staple in the street art scene for a decade. Hand painted stickers and signs have been affixed to walls, poles, and countless other surfaces worldwide since 2003, while the home base of the artists remains nestled in Brooklyn, NY. Locally and internationally known, the recognizable image hovers overhead, confronting you when you least expect it. Placed dominantly on the busiest of streets or hidden deep in the cuts, far out of the path of foot traffic, the cloud evokes a sense of discovery and mystery for the viewer. Representing the angst and turmoil one goes through on a daily basis, it brings levity and light into focus, hopefully leaving the viewer with a sense of clarity, whatever they’re current situation may be. “If you know my work and have played Super Mario 3 enough to get to level 4 you will understand the conceptual brilliance of this show… All work created specifically for the space at the Tender Trap. Limited edition prints will be available for the first time basically ever.” Darkclouds “Big World” opens Thursday, February 21st at the Tender Trap at 245 South 1st Street in Brooklyn from 6-10:30pm. The show will remain up for viewing from 4pm to 4am daily.

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