Daze at Wynwood Walls 2012: Part 1

By - Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

12oz blogger and graff artist Daze was invited to this year’s Wynwood Walls project. The event and concept was conceived by Tony Goldman, a real estate developer and public arts supporter, dedicated to the growth and preservation of graffiti and street art. Though Goldman passed away recently, his desire to revitalize urban neighborhoods and solidify graffiti’s place as an appreciated and respected element of art history lives on via Goldman Properties. The company continues to endorse graffiti and street artists and to breathe new life into dwindling urban landscapes. Here, Daze comments on Goldman and shares photos of his Wynwood Walls mural: “I was honored to be invited by Goldman Properties for the second year in a row to participate in the Wynwood Walls project. This year marked the passing of founder Tony Goldman and the continuation of this incredible project which has brought together so many amazing artists.Tony’s spirit could be felt everywhere as each day artists worked to continue his unique vision. “The mural that I created this year dealt with the issue that our cities are not as protected as we think they are . The hurricane Sandy disaster was looming in the back of my mind as I painted a scene of oncoming storm clouds that are rushing towards the city. In my vision the city is however protected by a force field . The entire scene is overlooked by a woman’s dream like eyes.” Source: Daze

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