Designer Manish Arora brings Graffiti to the Runway at Paris Fashion Week

By - Friday, March 2nd, 2012

In 1973 visionary dancer/choreographer Twyla Tharp was the first to bring graffiti out of the New York City train yards and onto her stage in the seminal ballet Deuce Coupe. Back then graffiti flooded the walls and trains of the city, as illustrated in Jon Naar and Norman Mailer’s Faith of Graffiti (published 1974,) commonly regarded as a blight on the city. Today graffiti has found mainstream acceptance and it’s not so uncommon anymore to look to the writing on the walls for inspiration. Mumbai based fashion designer Manish Arora’s new Fall/Winter 2013 collection is a prime example of graffiti being accepted and how it inspires many. earlier today Manish debuted his graffiti inspired line at Paris Fashion Week. The barren backdrop was brought to life when a couple of hooded artists came in and pieced the set with the words “Life Is Beautiful”. While models strutted down the runway in clothes that complimented the backdrop, Paris graffiti writers Vision, Rude, and Brok painted, filling the room in fumes. The designer also collaborated with Brooklyn based street artist Judith Supine on a textile for his collection. While the paint fumes may have left those in attendance feeling light headed, no doubt this buzzworthy performance and vibrant collection will be one of the most memorable shows of the season. Text: Logoism Source: Washington Post and My Daily

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