Detroit Graffiti Featured on a ’58 Caddy for TV Show Mobsteel

By - Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Even though it’s known as the Motor City, when you think of Detroit Graffiti the furthest from your mind is graff on a ’58 Caddy. For the guys at Mobsteel, nothing is too out of the ordinary, especially considering their motto “rides to die for.”

Mobsteel is an automotive custom shop out of Detroit, Michigan. Their list of cars and clients is never ending and have done work for numerous celebrities. And with a shop like their’s, they are fully equipped to handle any job, so it’s no surprise that they have their own TV series on NBC Sports.
For episode 5 Adam, owner of Mobsteel, meets with local musician Ty Stone to discuss a car for his upcoming music video. While working on a budget, Adam had the idea to paint graffiti on his Caddy. A team of Detroit writers were assembled by myself, attng3tr, to make this car “a ride to die for.” This trio of writers were selected because they are all car enthusiasts, so when the name “Mobsteel” was mentioned there wasn’t any hesitation to participate in this project. The best part? Adam provided them a blank white canvas and allowed them creative freedom to collaborate.

These three writers brought their areas of expertise to the table. There’s Joe known for his amazing use of color combinations, Mark for his variety of tags and mediums used and Jose for the characters; to give it that real feel of a graff production. Everything was used, from typical spray paint to homemade ink. This all white Caddy has graff that starts at the bottom of the doors and wraps around the back. The drivers’ side is quite colorful with drippy mops tags mixed in. While the passenger side has a big Det chrome throwie with mop tags and splashes of color mixed in. Lastly the entire trunk lid is covered with four characters and splashes of color along the bottom. And, no Mobsteel ride would be complete without a fresh set of steelies from Detroit Steel Wheel. The end result? Both Ty and the crew at Mobsteel were blown away with how sik this Caddy turned out!

If you like cars and graff, check out episode 5 along with the rest of the Mobsteel series. New episodes air every Wed. at 10pm ET on NBCSports. They not only love building bad ass cars but love graffiti as well. You never know who will be shown in the background when they go cruising through the D.

You can see more work from the guys of Mobsteel:
on Instagram @mobsteel or @detroitsteelwheelco
or online at or

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