Dirty Dozen Crew Profile CDC: Down With The Sickness

By - Saturday, June 15th, 2013

It’s 2013 and the majority of Americans are familiar with the acronym CDC. Last years’ zombie apocalypse scare aided in making the CDC a well known name. Unfortunately most associate these letters with The Center for Disease Control.
The CDC I’m referring to in this article isn’t searching for answers-its’ making statements. This organization isn’t looking for similarities in a series of brutal attacks, they’re organizing orchestrated assaults of their own. This CDC, the Cool Guy Crew, is infecting the nation with their burners and spreading the itch to the masses.
The individuals composing the Cool Dude Collective are without question the sickest of the sick. Their disease is believed to have derived from an overexposure to freights. This disease permeates through heavy contact with boxcars, reefers, hoppers, grainers and auto racks. If benching is your hobby, you’ve most likely been exposed to their infection.
It’s said that the most infectious individual of the CDC is a writer by the name of Mecro. Mecro might as well be the dude from the Johnson and Johnson commercials-he’s the real Mr. Clean. Mecro’s signature straight letter style is truly a staple of our scene. I’d like to know how the cleanest writer on earth got to be so fuckin’ dirty?
State officials have often referred to graffiti as an infection. If this is believed to be true, the writer of said graffiti must be infected with some kind of disease. This disease’s symptoms are most commonly classified by an irresistible desire to get up, an itch which demands a scratch. The sickest of the sick are those who satisfy their urges each and ever time. The sickest of the sick are the ones we remember, just ask the CDC…

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