DOES – “A Major Minority” group show in San Francisco

By - Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Consistently pushing boundaries with the technical execution of both his graffiti and canvas based work, Does recently previewed some detail shots from the upcoming ‘A Major Minority‘ group show in San Francisco. 

Canvas work has always appeared to play an important part in his practice, often featured heavily on his social media outputs, the level of detail within them reaching astounding levels. Needless to say, these new detail shots reveal more of the same considered freedom and technical exploration as previous efforts and are equally as impressive. All delivered in the colourful tones we’ve come to expect. 

Curated by PoesiaA Major Minority‘ is “a survey of 20 Othercontemporary Urban Artists.” ‘Othercontemporary‘ is a term coined by Poesia himself and designed to signify the perceived distinct practices under which many post-graffiti and street artists work. In the merging of these two street-based practices we find the birth of the ‘Othercontemporary’ genre, existing outside of the mainstream critical & mainstream art world. 

 “A Major Minority” is an attempt to illustrate the current progression of this art form as “traditional graffiti merges with street art and becomes what the public has coined Urban Art.”

I would agree with Poesia’s sentiment regarding this movement and “Urban Art.” Our culture is blossoming with intriguing contemporary work, created by artists previously known for their more street-based activity, but whether our influences are inclusive, singular and strong enough enough for us to be labelled “Othercontemporary” remains to be seen.  

What do you think? Are we being too self-congratulatory? Or is about time that people recognised the breadth and diversity of the work being created by our culture? Comments below. 

Detail Migraine 2 lr_zpswp0huj22

Detail Forcefield 1 lr_zpsfmes0ly8

Detail Migraine 1 lr_zps4chxzbdz

Exhibiting artists include: Okuda San Miguel, Thierry Furger, William Barras, Proembrion, Autone, Poesia, Zmogk, Dmitri, Dime, CT, Does, Ino, Basik, Etnik, Pener, Seikon, Hellbent, Col Wallnuts, Thomas Bestvina, and Collin van der Sluijs.

“A Major Minority” opens on April 2nd, from 6:30 – 9:30 PM at 1AM Gallery – San Francisco. 

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