DOES: Solo Show “Transition” at Maxwell Colette Gallery in Chicago

By - Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

DOES: Transition

The exhibition will run from June 13 to July 31, 2015. Opening reception will take place on Saturday, June 13 from 6 – 9pm at Maxwell Colette Gallery, located at 908 N ASHLAND CHICAGO, IL  60622. 

This aptly titled solo show, Transition, will exhibit the works of renowned Dutch graffiti artist DOES. The exhibition features recent mixed media paintings on canvas, including large-scale work up to 18 feet in length. This will be the artist’s first solo show in Chicago and debut exhibition with Maxwell Colette Gallery. Watch the above video to hear DOES narrate his life’s extreme, personal transition from member of the Dutch National Youth Soccer Team to international graffiti artist.

Transition presents a body of text-based paintings where words are visually imploded and reconstituted as aggregations of disarticulated, smoldering letterforms. These compositions appear to levitate in space, dripping and melting away at their edges into the paintings’ ethereal, minimalist backgrounds.

“The traditional letterform has always been the basis of my work. I believe that the letterform portrays the writer’s emotional state of mind, and so each letter can be unique.”

DOES portrays these forms with incredible accuracy and attention to detail, rendering them nearly hyperrealistic. His technical mastery is stunning, and the paintings push beyond the boundaries of traditional graffiti into a more conceptual and painterly territory where shapes and colors assume narrative and present reflections of our frenetic, post-modern society.

Though traditional letterforms remain his passion, Transition finds DOES exploring new ground both visually and conceptually.

“While my roots are in graffiti, I don’t like to limit myself to only one discipline. I think it’s more interesting to take elements from different movements and incorporate them into my work.”

As the title implies, the paintings in Transition are the result of a period of heightened creative development, and provide an exciting glimpse into his unique aesthetic evolution.

Stay tuned for a 12ozProphet exclusive with DOES.

DOES / DOES Instagram / DOES Facebook

Maxwell Colette Facebook / Maxwell Colette Instagram 

Maxwell Colette Gallery is a post-street contemporary art gallery, exhibiting the works of national and international emerging artists. 

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