Don't Follow Vizie's Fake Twitter, Follow His Real Blog!

By - Friday, January 20th, 2012

Vizie posted on his blog back in December about an imitation “@VIZIEMSK” twitter account that is NOT run by Vizie. After Vizie exposed the imposter, we assumed he would lose all his followers and back down. But we noticed today that the fake Vizie has hundreds of followers and still tweets on a daily basis. At first it was pretty amusing, but the more you read his posts the creepier it gets. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but after 6 months of this copycat, it’s time to end it. Help us spread the word and move the attention back to where it’s deserved.
“The person who is “VIZIEMSK” on twitter is not. He does not have a twitter account. There is already a blog. To whoever the author is, I can only congratulate him for his persistence in being a complete freak and for keeping the fake persona of a graffiti writer, or what he thinks to be that graffiti writer, up for over six months. At first it was annoying, then entertaining (again for the persistence), now its annoying again. So much weird shit being said. Just….stop. Ok. Also Vizie is no way in support of the slang word “SWAG”. Thank you -Management.”
-Vizie Vizie is one of the best all-around writers rocking some of the most creative pieces today. If you don’t follow his Blog already, you should certainly start. Don’t worry, this ones the real thing. Check out some of our favorite photos from Vizie’s Blog above!

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