Doze Green Profile by EwokOne

By - Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

While checking out Ewok’s latest Video Blog episode the we found this great profile he recently did on fellow graffiti writer and friend Doze Green. Both writers (of different generations) have formal graffiti foundations with strong clean letters but have both received wide recognition for their unique styles of characters. With all of the egos and bravado of graffiti culture, it is always cool and refreshing to see one artist showing love to another. scroll down to read what Ewok wrote about Doze and to check out some of his work. “So, I’ve always been intrigued by the mind of an artist, the person who creates work that I might find myself liking… This brings up someone I’ve been fortunate to call a friend, did a few shows together in the past, and it’s an honor to think probably every time I ever walked into a room and saw him he would light up like a Christmas tree with a smile and pull me over to the side,whip out a flask or just say some funny shit under his voice, like “look at these squares” (rolling his eyes at some group of whoever, clearly out of their element) haha, just classic Doze antics for me… Maybe I just had good timing and he was able to chop it up with a buddy to avoid having to make useless small talk to someone else he didn’t know or whatever in these odd places… Either way, more years passed and now homey has left NY, which regretfully had me thinking, “man, I never even grabbed a sketch or anything from him, or gave him anything of mine as a going away gift or whatever.” Then just recently I find out my boy Ian is traveling out to his place to help him prepare for an upcoming show. So I went looking for images of his work for inspiration last night and was reminded of how unique Doze is and reaffirming why I always held him in such high regards as a true artist and how his work is a pure self portrait of who he is. Which is refreshing in an age where everyone today is an artist, yet 90% of these artists work don’t actually reflect who they are, they’re too busy chasing trends to be worried about something so minor as actually creating something that represents who they are as an individual, as a unique mind, which in these cases just confirms to me how alike all these copycat artists are trying to do their version of someone else… Enough talk, here’s some images of Doze’s work that grabbed me for one reason or another.” -Ewok Source: EwokOne

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