12oz Exclusive: Inside Doze's Studio – A Preview of "Luminosity in a Dark Rift"

By - Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Doze Green is a corner-stone figure in the hip-hop and graffiti world. Having grown up in NYC and been a part of hip-hop culture in its early and most defining years, he has achieved almost legendary status by not only being an original member of the Rock Steady Crew, but helping innovate graffiti and propel it into the gallery setting and a world wide movement. Experimentation and exploration has always been an interest as he continues to evolve as a successful artist to this day. 12ozProphet is fortunate to have an exclusive look into his studio as he puts the finishing touches on his solo show opening May 19th at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. 2012 is pegged to be a year of great change in a spiritual or possibly apocalyptic sense and many feel this is the beginning of a new chapter for humanity. Doze’s work touches upon this and is deeply symbolic and at times socially conscious and political. He delves into themes associated with the occupy movement and uses imagery of gods and reptilians to state that there is a change of guard happening and that a new way is emerging. With bright colors and unique compositions he makes profound statements that push the creative envelope. One would be a fool to know about this show and not want to be there to see it for themselves. Text: VaporsIgnite Photo: Colin M Day

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