“EKG ♥ NYC” Solo Exhibition Closing Reception at Skewville Laboratories in New York

By - Friday, February 27th, 2015

New York-based graffiti writer, EKG, whose distinctive tags are recognized across the five boroughs as the “pulse of the city,” will hold a closing reception party for his solo exhibition, “EKG ♥ NYC” at Skewville Laboratories (35-18 37th Street, Long Island City, NY) on Saturday, February 28th from 6 to 10pm.

EKG’s bright orange electrocardiogram tag can be spotted throughout New York among various surfaces, from bathroom stalls in the West Village to subway stations in Queens. The tag, or sign, is a testament to EKG’s enduring devotion to and interest in the science of semiotics (or in laymen’s terms, the science of signs). His tag has become iconic, symbolizing the eternally beating heart of the city that never sleeps, giving our concrete capital a life and heart[beat] of its own. And as New York is well-supplied with EKG’s personalized, symbolic tags, his exhibition, too, overflows with New York and constructions inspired by the city itself. He has created an abstract silhouette cityscape, consisting of found objects that are covered with his signature tags.

The exhibition, which initially opened on February 13th, 2015, has been refined and has incurred several major additions and updates for the past two weeks in preparation for this closing ceremony. The exhibition pays homage to Keith Haring’s legendary Pop Shop, but “as if it was created by Tim Burton, Marilyn Manson, Walter White and Stephen Hawking.” The closing reception party will feature a “Doomdronecore” playlist by electronic music artist Jefferson Wells. In other words, this reception will be the perfect artpocalypse, created by one of New York City’s most celebrated graffiti writers.


Check out EKG’s instagram here, as well as his online store. Exclusive apparel and pieces, inspired by this exhibition can be purchased here.

Photography by Katherine Lorimer (@lunapark)

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