Element Tree / Art Primo / Eggshell Stickers Present: EARTHLING Episode: 4 Feat. MAST

By - Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

So check this, one of the great things about graffiti is that there are very few rules. Sure there are traditions, and unspoken rules that are really more like guidelines, but nothing is set in stone. It’s what allows graffiti to be used by such a diverse collection of people to express themselves. It’s why graffiti continues to evolve and cycle between generations of writers. Rules would only act to tame something that cannot be caged. The open forum that is the street allows anyone to become a part of graffiti culture, whether they paint or not.

Serringe of Element Tree is one of those people. Documenting graffiti has become just as much a means of expression for him as it is for the artists he captures on film. With this new series Earthling Serringe looks to expand the notion of self realization that graffiti often brings with it. It’s meant to prompt people to consider how they are a piece of a larger picture, a galactic view as opposed to a planetary one. He puts forward that people who can achieve that outlook, are a rare few. In this video Mast is the example presented.

Filmed over the course of 5 days, Earthling Episode 4 dives into the mind of Mast and explores the things that inspired him as an early writer. What stands out is the honest and articulate way that Mast shares intimate outlooks on the graffiti scene, from where he first discovered graff to advice for those just coming up. along the way Serringe does a great job of visually accenting the story through the video and making the story flow.

All in all Earthlings is a video that stands above many of the rest in depicting what graffiti means for a day to day writer. There’s no rules in this game of graffiti, but there are expectations and patterns. The Earthlings series exposes the nuances that make each lifestyle unique, and does a damn good job doing it.

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