ElementTree Presents “Earthling” With NTEL

By - Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Here for your viewing pleasure, a new offering from Serringe and the Element Tree. It came to the office via an interstellar signal and we need your help to decipher it’s contents…

 “Amongst society I’m a human… within the universe I’m an Earthling and this is what I have to offer.” -Serringe

ElementTree, Art Primo and Eggshell Stickers have teamed up to present a series created, shot and edited by Serringe titled Earthling. Earthling is a mini documentary series that will feature some amazing artists and their personal views on their art, what they represent and the philosophies behind all of it. This will be the first series of Element Tree videos that will give the artists a voice and an opportunity for the curious to gain knowledge and wisdom through it. To society we are humans but in the universe and to other beings we are Earthlings.

Which brings us to Epsiode: 3 Featuring NTEL. I traveled out to Philadelphia with a good friend and ElementTree affiliate IDE of Creative Juices Music to link up with NTEL. The weather was miserable as rain and grey skies welcomed us into the city. We were received by NTEL and we instantly set out to begin this video journey into the mind and world of this one of a kind street communications specialist. The video features the artists studio, canvas work, handstyles on stickers, sculptures, installations on the street as well as legal and illegal murals and a one on one burner session in a private location. To say the least…. there is plenty to see and hear. Enjoy.

Stay tuned for the follow up and don’t forget to check out the previous two episodes featuring Mr Mustart and Distort.





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