End of an Era: The Iconic 5pointz slated for demolition in the near future

By - Sunday, July 1st, 2012

photo by Meres One
According to the cable news network NY1, the fate of the internationally renowned 5Pointz complex may be finally sealed. For the past 10 years, 5pointz has been a mecca for graffiti artists and their admirers from New York City and around the world. As revealed in a televised interview with the building’s owner, David Wolkoff, plans are currently underway to completely demolish the complex and replace it with two high-rise towers standing at 47 and 41 stories high.
Wolkoff says that Long Island City has experienced rapid changes in the past couple years and is becoming like a “downtown Brooklyn.” By this, he must mean that rising property prices, architectural homogenization, and gentrification are in LIC’s future. While the plans for the future residential development has included a smaller public space and a couple walls that will continue to showcase pieces and productions , it will completely pale in comparison to the massive amount of colorful walls that currently surround the 200,000 sq foot former factory. The demolition of 5pointz may start as early as September 2013. In the eyes of so many New Yorkers as well as people from around the world, 5ptz is undoubtedly an iconic location and one of the few places in the city that actually cultivates a space which encourages the emergence of artistic creativity and innovation. Moreover, 5pointz has greatly contributed to the aesthetic and demographic diversity of Long Island City as it attracts so many individuals be they a tourist, a local, woman, man, old, young, whatever. When it comes down to it, 5pointz is a remarkable nexus where creativity and diversity meet; its possible destruction is just another worrying sign of the increasing sterility and homogenization of the NYC urban landscape. Photo credit: MeresOne Text: Ben

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