Mission School: Energy That Is All Around

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  • On the night of September 12, 2013, I was anxiously seated between five friends in the back seat of a loaned car, which adhered a weird green sticker that said, ‘Honk If You Love Dave’. My extremely talented, dumb, young, and fun friends and I were traveling from the Mission District toward Russian Hill, home of The San Francisco Art Institute. If you’ve ever lived in San Francisco, you would know that this particular trip is not often made, for residents of the Mission hardly ever leave their beloved neighborhood and more importantly, what in the hell is there to do on a Thursday night in Russian Hill? Insert Punch-Line: Energy That Is All Around, an exhibition independently curated by Natasha Boas. Cue up the music 12oz, this is where the party starts! As all could have predicted, the opening night was a tremendous success. Everyone who was anyone was in attendance and not to sound too cheesy ( because I don’t want to offend the lactose intolerant ), but Energy was definitely All Around that night, and still is.

    Occupying the Walter and McBean Galleries, Energy That Is All Around, is an awe-inspiring showcase of San Francisco’s beloved ‘Mission School’ Movement. In case you didn’t know, these heavy-hitting Artists include, but are not limited to, the following: Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Chris Johanson, Alicia McCarthy, and Ruby Neri. As noted in the show’s description, “The exhibition connects work and ephemera produced at the beginning of the artists’ careers, much of which has remained in their personal or peer collections, with vibrant new work created for this show.”

    Energy That Is All Around is on showcase until December 12, so drop whatever you’re doing, get off the computer, and hike up the hills of San Francisco to view the foundational works of San Francisco’s favorite artists.

    For more information visit the Walter and McBean Galleries online by clicking here. Or click here. Or here.

    Exclusive photographs provided by Walter and McBean Galleries and Patrick Sean Gibson.

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