Erasol's Shop Now Open!

By - Friday, July 19th, 2013

Erasol has just opened up shop! With all of his work being done in-house, no two pieces are bound to be alike due to all of the variables not found in mass produced art. Additionally, Erasol creates his own variables by mixing inks and using his own two hands while producing each and every piece whether it’s a sticker or an all out framed masterpiece. Word on the street is that the dude would even tailor his own clothes. With such a strong DIY ethic, it comes as no surprise that all of his work is done with a quality personal touch. When a larger volume is needed such as in sticker, magnet, or shirt making, Erasol prints using hand made stamps, linocuts, and screenprints using the drawing fluid technique. With that said, you can still request that your Dutch (Skull) Masters shirt be printed on a different colored shirt as long as you contact him. Because prices range from five dollars to 700, there is something for all of us! At a higher price point, Erasol has produced the above piece with a custom frame, cigar ring background, and a blunt made of real cigar leaf. With such a high level of creativity, quality, and straight up dopeness, we can expect to hear more about this artist in the future. You can also find more of his work at his shop or Tumblr. photos: Erasol text: Digable Earth

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