ESPO 'Love Letter to Brooklyn'

By - Thursday, September 15th, 2011

ESPO does it again. Taking over city after city, and now finally making it to NYC. Commissioned by Macy’s tp paint the parking garage, ESPO looked for inspiration in the streets from conversations he and his team had with people passing by the parking garage. Powers also interviewed a long-time BK resident David Villorente for the piece. Villorente grew up in housing projects nine blocks away. It turned out this particular Macy’s had a special resonance for Villorente. ESPO has looked to the community for majority of his inspiration for the ‘Love Letter’ projects. “I found that when I worked in Coney Island in 2003 and ’04 and ’05 that really the strength was to go to the center of the community and broadcast out to the periphery as opposed to being at the periphery and trying to go towards the center,” he said. “Once I understood what the city was thinking and feeling, then I could translate that and paint it on a wall.” “We’re still taking suggestions, so if you pass by and you see us working, feel free to yell up anything at us,” he said. “We’ll try to work it into what we’re doing.” So get on over to Brooklyn and try and find Powers and let him know what you’re thinking. more info over at culture wnyc

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