Event: Graff Zine Table at Brooklyn Zine Fest, Sunday April 21

By - Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Ray Mock & Jowy Romano, the publishers of Carnage and SubCulture, host a table featuring only local graff zines at the BZF by artists such as Droid 907, Drag, Roycer, Dick Mamma, Tuse, Tshirt, Fevoe, EKG, and more! Ray is releasing a couple new zines called Bombing New York I and II. They are centered on grimy bombing from the five boroughs. Check out his other zines Grilled and Stuck as well as the ones that focus on Kuma and Snoeman in his BigCartel store. High quality work that sells out quickly because of their depth and design. Jowy will have the first two issues of his zine SubCulture at the table which have photos of a wide range of writer’s work on the streets around NYC. These are also beautifully photographed and designed making Ray and Jowy a great team to be covering the NYC streets. Jowy also will have the newest zine he has published, No Love by Noxer DOD, published and released during the run of his solo show at LowBrow Artique which was also curated by Jowy. Another stunning zine comes in from Droid 907 called Sex Or Suicide (you’re fucked either way). It consists of beautiful black and white photography and comes with silkscreened covers and hand-drawn stickers. Droid explains it in his own words: “S.O.S was a pop-up crew that came about last summer in Detroit composed of writers from around the country. The result was a very active summertime of mischief and good times. A memoir from DROID 907’s past year, SEX or SUICIDE, is a collection of lies and stolen photographs. a love letter to graffiti and his misadventures of traveling, painting, personal afflictions, and the pursuit of happiness- filled with dozens of rollers, and other graffiti from nyc, detroit, baltimore, atlanta, and new orleans. Included is street work done along side SMELLS, CASH4, UFO, R2, SHUN, RODA, VUDU, SKUZZ, MINCE, ELMER, MTN, FISHGLUE, AFRIKA, TOUCH, MILES 666, SARZ, ONIONS, MIND DETRGNT, & AMANDA WONG (and more). Other zines that will be at the table are: Klean Trains by Drag O2D; Unreal City by Isabel; Untitled collaboration by Roycer, Dick Mamma, V, and EKG; Testimony: EKG, Writing Degree Oblivion by EKG; Vile Raw Life by Tuse; Deny Everything by T-Shirt and Fevoe; and more. The Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 returns for a second year this Sunday, April 21st from 11am-6pm at Public Assembly, 70 N. 6th Street in Williamsburg. Last year was such a big success that they are now committed to return yearly as NYC’s premier zine exhibition. Last year there were more than 1,500 attendees and 60+ tablers. This year should be the same if the press coverage is any indication. The zine fest is free, all ages, & open to everyone. Text: Daniel Feral

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