Event Recap: Secret Walls Quarter Finals 2 and 3.

By - Friday, February 13th, 2015

Last night, Secret Walls held their quarter finals showdown at the Woods Bar in Brooklyn, New York. The bar is deep near the water in Williamsburg and during this frigid cold weather, you wouldn’t expect there to be a full house in attendance. But there was. The bar was packed which is exactly the fashion of Secret Walls. They consistently bring together art lovers of all kinds who crave to see masters of their craft battle it out.

Secret walls was originally called Secret Wars and was founded by Terry Guy in London in 2006. Information on the location of these events was mostly spread through word of mouth and social media giving it its name and exclusivity. Guy wanted to create a platform where aspiring artists can come together and showcase their work on a grander scale. Usually between two artists or two teams of artists, the event creates a live art contest where the crowd is the judge. The artists work on a large canvas for 90 minutes and can only use black markers or black ink to create whatever they wish to, while we all watch.

This time around Secret Walls brought together the talents of Wizard Skull VS Cosbe1 and Mastro VS Adrian K. While everyone drank, mingled and rooted the artist’s on, the canvas became alive with quirky characters, abstract art, graffiti, and stylized illustrations.

Wizard Skull won the first round by using his crazy array of remixed characters that we all know and love, such as the Simpsons. There was a slight mishap in the middle of the battle though that caused a bit of the crowd to leave once the first round was over. In the heat of the moment while working on his piece, Cosbe artistically sliced the canvas with a blade to add on to his creation. Unfortunately he ended up slicing the canvas on the other side which was what the next round of artists were going to use. I spoke to him after his performance and he mentioned how he was kind of letting the art just flow which is why he cut the canvas. He redeemed himself however by having a friend bring in a canvas from their studio for the next artists to use, allowing Mastro and Adrian K. to battle it out after all.  

Mastro gave us his true graffiti roots by throwing up a hip hop styled Kung Fu character with tags and graffiti flooding the background but Adrian K. won this round by using a brush and ink to showcase his talent by using various line weights on his character racing through a collapsing city.

Overall we got to see 4 great artists create thanks to the dopeness that is Secret Walls. There’s something enticing in watching an artist work. To see how they form their pieces only using a tool as simple as black ink let alone in front of a huge crowd is something to applaud and marvel at; Perhaps giving us all hope that maybe we can produce amazing work like that one day and hey maybe even be in the next round of Secret Walls.


For more about Secret Walls, check out their Instagram and Facebook.  

Participating Artists Instagrams: 

WIZARD SKULL @wizardskull

COSBE1 @cosbe1

MASTRO @mastronyc

ADRIAN K. @adriankart

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