Preview: Ewen Spencer “England’s Dreaming” at White Cloth Gallery in Leeds, England

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  • Societies are a product of their youth. Since English subcultures first exploded onto the scene about 50 years ago, certain aspects have been passed down from generation to generation. Photographer Ewen Spencer was there during the explosion and development of the rebellious music genre known as ‘grime’ and has shown the strength of the movement through his photography. His main goal is to portray spontaneous and unconscious moments of the English non-conformist youth.

    England`s Dreaming is the name of the exhibition Spencer will open this Thursday, Octover 4th at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds, England. It’s definitely a good chance to approach his work and see some stolen moments from this dreamy generation. You can find an interview with Ewen Spencer here and view the exhibition which will be up through November 13th.

    Ewen Spencer,
    White Cloth Gallery,

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