Ewok Video Blog 67 – Introducing Ferits Bueller

By - Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Ewok is known for his exceptional prowess as an illustrator, often filling walls with his distinct style of characters. In his latest Video Blog Ewok rocks a character from start to finish. Introducing his new mascot… Ferits Bueller. Here’s Ewok’s explanation: “The Introduction to my new Mascot, FERITS BUELLER. If you’ve been paying any attention lately, you’d be know I have something brewing in regards to bringing back and old idea and revamping it. In doing so I thought it’d be fun to have a mascot this time around, of a Ferit… The reason of a Ferit is because they’re known to steal things, this plays into the theme of my old brand idea “The Gimme Project”. Although this time around it will be called TGP, not getting tied down to my old concept’s name allows for growth in any direction. In any event my mascot’s concept plays off the old theme, but let’s just say now he’s matured a bit, is classy in a top hat and cane, chillin’ with his feet up and toasting a glass of Cognac in celebration to a successful life of going out and taking what he wants and not sitting around waiting for hand outs. Stay t00ned as things unfold I’ll drop updates.” -Ewok {image-1} Source: Ewok

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