Exclusive Preview: Graffuturism Paris, Opens Saturday April 20

By - Saturday, April 20th, 2013

{image-1} The Graffuturists continue their wave of global cultural infiltration with an exhibition in Paris at Galerie OpenSpace run by Graffiti Art Magazine. There is also a full issue about them, 4 solo shows & a book to come. The photos from this post were taken at a private preview for collectors and artists. {image-2} Curated by the amazing graphic design and publishing team that runs Graffiti Art Magazine, with consultation by Poesia, this exhibition has many of the artists that have been in past Graffturism exhibitions, but also features many French artists giving this show a different focus and historical background centered around the Parisian scene. For details, there is a full issue of Graffiti Art Magazine to be devoted to Graffuturists and also a book to be published, which will act as the catalog for the show. {image-3} As Poesia wrote on the Graffuturist website: “We will be in Paris this week April 20th for the opening group exhibition of “Graffuturism Paris”. This Group show will kick off 100 days of exhibition, featuring work from the Graffuturist group including 4 solo exhibitions from Kofie, Rae Martini, Legendary Doze Green, and Pro 176. This is a huge event that will exhibit a Parisian survey of Graffuturism and its artists at newly founded Openspace Gallery. There will be 20 artists exhibiting: Poesia (US) Remi Rough (GB) Sambre (FR) Sat One (DE) Sirius 156 (FR) Sowat (FR) Swiz (FR) Tanc (FR) Thomas Canto (FR) Tomek (FR) WXYZ (FR) Clemens Behr (DE) Erosie (NL) Gilbert1 (FR) Graphic Surgery (NL) Hense (US) Jaybo Monk (FR) Lek (FR) Nawer (PL) Nelio (FR) and Pener (PL). {image-4} Graffuturism Paris will be another portion of the Journey that the artists exhibiting as well as so many more have taken. Graffuturism continues to bring together like minded artists from around the world in a cohesive movement that is not defined by any theory only acts of action and moments. With past shows in Glasgow, London, Los Angeles and now Paris we stand appreciative of all the opportunities given to the artists. Paris is an important city to the overall group as you can see in the amount of French artists in the exhibition. Paris seems to be a place for creative growth and emerging artists. OpenSpace has allowed us to be part of this scene with this exhibition and the others. By bringing in other artists from Poland, US, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands Openspace has allowed for dialogue and collaboration to take place during this event. 25 Artists will not only exhibit new work in the gallery but we will also do what we do best, and that is leave murals and installations around Paris. Even if temporary these murals are key in the process of our art form. We hope anyone close enough to travel to Paris make the trip and see one of the shows.” {image-5} {image-6} {image-7} {image-8} {image-9} Text + Photo: Daniel Feral

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