Exclusive Preview: Party Tonight with Japanther, Ninjasonik, Smells, Cash4, and More

By - Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

{image-1} “Leap Year 2012 Party Time” tonight at The Eldorado in Brooklyn, featuring music by Japanther, Ninjasonik, Fake Hooker, Jogyo, Beef, and DJ Dirtyfinger, with walls painted by UFO, Gen2, Smells, Cash4, R2, Fade, Net and Serch. These are the words from The Superior Bugout’s event producer and main missionary, Andrew H. Shirley, who was frantic and ecstatic in the middle of a long night of visions and visitations: “the walls of the el dorado got sicker than ever, a bunch of writers came out to support the LEAP YEAR PARTY, and beefed up the walls, ,,,, CASH4 and SMELLS did their thing, as did UFO and GEN2… a great surprise to the line up was NET and SERCH who stoppped by for some tags, and FADE AA who dropped a real piece bomber w R2 doing an extensive peace himself…. the rock show is going to be sick…. the place is ready for an amaxxxxing show with BEEF>>>>>> FAKE HOOKER >>>> JOGYO????????? JAPANTHER and NINJASONIK at the THE EL DORADO… aint done a leap show like this before, for sho no way” Like the quality of these cellphone photos in this post, the message may not be refined or clear, but their passion and the imagination of everyone involved is what it’s all about. Hardcore music and art ain’t always pretty. Go to this show. The bands are killer and the art is rad. It will be bad ass and blow your mind. Check out the “Leap Year 2012 Party Time” Facebook page for details. Wednesday, February 29th, 2012, 10pm. El Dorado, 976 Grand Street, Brooklyn. Photo: Andrew H. Shirley Text: Daniel Feral

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