Recap: "In All Our Decadence People Die" at Boo-Hooray Gallery

By - Monday, October 3rd, 2011

 While the Art Book Fair  was going on over the weekend, simultaneously some of the 12oz team attended a two day premiere event at the newly opened art gallery Boo-Hooray. Centrally located right smack in the middle of China Town they presented an impressive exhibiton of the artwork and fanzines surrounding the anarcho-punk band Crass. 

If you aren’t familiar, the UK punk band Crass and its fans were firm believers in political protest and “direct action” and would spray-paint stencilled graffiti messages around the London Underground system and on advertising billboards. Boo-Hooray brings the art punk world of Crass to NYC with their first exhibit showcasing thousands of old school zines and posters from the 70s and and early 80s.

 Crass’ dirty and gritty xerox fanzines, were raw, hand cut and the ultimate DIY form of protest in an age pre-In Design and pre-internet. The vast collection becomes a subversive form of punk rock memorabilia.  In addition, related original artworks by Gee Vaucher from her ground-breaking “nihilist newspaper for the living,” International Anthem, are also included in the show. Vaucher was an illustrator for the NYTimes in the 70s who quit after being asked to draw something she politically disagreed with.

 With zines full of images criticising religious and political authority it’s a timely exhibit with anti-corporation Occupy Wall Street protests going on just a few blocks away from the gallery.

“In All Our Decadence People Die” at Boo-Hooray Gallery 265 Canal St. #601, NYC

Sept 30th – Oct 20th, 2011 Open every day 11AM-6PM


Text and Photo: Cosbe

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