Felix Morelo: True Street Artist

By - Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Felix is a street artist, but the very essence of what he does comes from a rich lineage of NYC artists trying to make their voices heard above the vast amount of people who don’t even have the time to look up, let alone down at the artwork Felix is about to place on to the sidewalk. Before a few seconds pass he already has five faces drawn, he has almost ten within a minute. Evenly spaced a long row of faces starts to develop, each one different from the previous. No one takes immediate notice of Felix as he is hunched over consumed by his work. Felix Morelo. He raises up, does a quick count, then bends down to write “30 faces” and decides to continue mumbling to himself, “Have to keep it even.” A police van slowly creeps by, barely taking notice of him. Felix is not in his usual territory today; he’s in a different part of Brooklyn. A few passersbys here and there take notice, but for the most part Felix is in his own world, drawing the faces freeform letting them flow seamlessly from his finely tuned hand. His characters sometimes have voices, sporadic phrases he places into voice bubbles. Felix Morelo People who follow Felix’s work have noticed lately it’s taken a bit of a darker direction. His characters now phrasing more negative commentary like “Bad luck spot” and “I hope you die.” They don’t know what he has been through as of late, the severe losses, the homelessness, and the hardship. He readily expresses his sources of inspiration, his ups and downs, his feelings of loneliness and love. His work is a statement of how easy it is for someone to disappear amongst the many faces we see everyday in the city, the quick clips of conversation. Felix has mastered the art of resourcefulness. Brought up in New York, he carries on. His artwork is an accurate reflection of the daily struggles and the checks and balances in life. Incredibly approachable, if someone simply stopped to talk to him he would easily take the time out of his day to communicate with them. His last street art project before this one was to hold up a sign and give out free advice. A women smiles as she catches the a glimpse of his work, on her way to the train entrance she turns, her day for one moment brightened. Felix doesn’t notice and continues to draw. tumblr_lrsukzFb5Z1qa1iqho1_500 See more of Felix’s work here: Felixmorelo.com -Text and photos by Cosbe

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