Fightball – One on One Basketball on Another Level

By - Monday, March 7th, 2016

Yo, basketball heads this shit is for you. Tired of watching the Warriors and Spurs cutting people up with ball movement and long rang accuracy? Remember a time when the NBA was gritty? The Bad Boys in Detroit, the Malice in the Palace, the Jail Blazers; remember that? Well, if that was your brand of basketball, then you should probably key into what’s happening here.

Fightball is more than just one on one basketball. It’s a gladiator match between two freaks of nature for physical supremacy. Fightball takes the little jabs, elbows and shit talking that happens over the course of the game and places it center stage, purposely provoking a hostility between the players that without fail bubbles up into physical altercations.

The atmosphere in the building is reminiscent of the livest rivalry game you went to in High School, amplified times the $100,000 on the line. This dude’s boys are hollerin’ in one corner while another set shouts back. Security is tight, but even they can’t control everything that happens as bangers stumble out onto the court, cups of hypnotic on ice in hand, threatening to see the competitors outside.

Fightball something between a boxing match and a night club. The DJ spins Just Blaze beats on a loop as the crowd is gathered along the very edge of the court. At one point a player gets checked hockey style into the second row, taking out spectators left and right while his opponent struts it off. He walked away as the villain that night, but he also walked away $10,000 richer. That’s the way it goes in Fightball.

Last week was just the qualifiers, but every game felt like the final. This Thursday the real final pops off, along with another special guest performance. The two previous nights have featured A$AP Ferg and Cam’ron, so we can only guess who they have lined up for the big event. In the end however it’s all about the games being played, and the competitors out there giving it their all on every possession. “Win or go home fellas,” The MC shouts over the crowd. “this is Fightball.”

The Fightball Spring 2016 Final goes down Thursday 3/10.


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