The Final 2015 Installation for SOHO House is… GREVE

By - Friday, November 20th, 2015

With years of experience and a lifetime of exposure to the industry, Artist GREVE has come to take back what is rightfully his. Part of DC5 crew and my new friend, @knowtresspassing GREVE will take the last installation for the year at the SOHO House and will be the most experimental based on the work that he has done in the past and how he sees himself for the future. 

This is a WIP about his new year. Totally experimental, and it’s incredible. He knows what he can do, but will make damn sure that you keep guessing who he is to become. This work will be in your face and you will not understand it fully until you see it in person. It is graffiti. PERIOD. 

Women in motion, running the catwalk. Fashion in motion and ladies to be celebrated. Images of women and the way we see and glorify beauty. As humans we can enjoy little small nuiances that make up one another. Those little sparks, pops and buzzers that make us attracted to one another. I personally have this thing for eye glasses. So sexy and so subtle.  A bit of quirkyness and cuteness that others pass over. Noteable to me . yes. 

We all have ideas. GREVE has ideas about his future and reclaiming his place. This artist blows my mind and his talent his to be recognized. So much detail and so much time that I will be adding a separate post for the other side and other mural space. 

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