Finok, Coyo, Ise, and Toes Innovate New Collaborative Styles in Brazil

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Finok has blogged some amazing new collaborative styles from the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil today that creates a brand new take on the traditional ‘throw up’ that graffiti artists know and love. We previously featured our Top 12 Hybrid Graffiti Pieces, an innovative approach to painting which merges execution with a fire extinguisher and a spray can, now the VLOK crew in Brazil are creating hybrid graffiti of a whole different style. Working with Coyo, Ise, and Toes, Finok and the crew splice together their styles to create hybrid graffiti that has rarely or quite possibly never been done before. The 12ozProphet team is pleased to bring you new innovations to the graffiti craft as they emerge from around the world. Enjoy the pics below.

Sao Paulo,
Street Art,

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sktr - Tuesday May 29, 2012 at 02:26 PM...

sktr on 12ozProphet

assuming that it isn’t photoshop, how do they splice it? i mean, that’s too clean…

Sethecientos on 12ozProphet

Moses & Taps did it before…

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