First Snow In Chicago With RTDK

By - Thursday, December 31st, 2015

This has been a pretty weird year for weather. In a lot of places the temperatures have been higher than normal during the past couple weeks, and only in the last week or two has it really started to feel like winter. These shots were taken during the first snow in Chicago, which pretty soon afterwards melted. While snow means more cold, it also adds a nice touch of scenery to photographs. Artists: FOVE, DWARF, AWOL, RUDE, and AFEKS came together with a great production on this one. The colors pop really well off the background jungle scenery, and again off the snow surrounding the wall. FOVE and DWARF’s pieces are looking good with great color combos and letter flows. AWOL puts a nice touch on his piece with the addition of the elephant, as does AFEKS with the rhinoceros and how he pops his “e” from the middle of his piece with the lighter 3d. RUDE flips the script and does his entire piece with backwards letters. Overall, the RTDK crew snapped on this production!


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