Flashback Friday: JC Rivera in Miami for Art Basel

By - Friday, March 18th, 2016

As the weather begins to turn towards spring, We take a look back at other sunny times. Posted here is an unpublished field report from Drewinchicago highlighting his trip to Art Basel photographing JC Rivera:

With a mural happening as I’m getting ready to leave for the airport, JC Rivera is in a constant state of work. Murals happening in Chicago and a focus on new works, JC is a busy man. This year in Miami he will be ready to show people what he does best. Inspire people with his Bear Champ character. 

I arrive in Miami on Tuesday. JC arrived on Monday and with one mural already completed with his friends from Miami, JC has come to paint. I am only able to stay in Miami for two and a half days and with a thunderstorm on it’s way as I’m heading back to Chicago,and a week of rain, I feel like my timing is perfect. But, I still want more. I’ll miss Secret Walls where JC was part of the winning team and all the rest of the artists that will pop up throughout Wynwood,Miami to paint and feature their work. 

Painting a building in Little Havana, a goodwill building none the less along side artists Blek the Rat (which is covered in plexiglass) and invader. Artists have come to share and be a part of this collective space. With a mural from last year as a collaboration with @sentrock Joseph Sentrock Perez included in this photo gallery, JC is always inspiring, working and collaborating with new artists. Raise everyone up. Their is room for everyone. Good times for everyone. This year however he has chosen to bring Chicago street artist Ali 6. He has recently worked with JC on a show at a local gallery called Galerie F in Logan Square, Chicago. More work to come from these two. 

JC is one of my favorite artists and is whether or not he wants to admit it or not is Chicago famous. You too should know him or at least know his work. Follow him at @jcrivera on Instagram. 

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