Flashback Friday: Wall of Fame in Detroit

By - Friday, January 22nd, 2016

In the fall of 2013, during the graffiti boom that ran thru Detroit it only made sense for local writers to make a statement of their own by creating what is known as the “Wall of Fame”. This massive wall located in Southwest Detroit stretches over a couple city blocks, and was done by the best of best in the city. The Wall of Fame was organized and made possible by Kosek (TSR/Xmen) and the GRCC. They couldn’t have picked a better location with the abandoned train station as its backdrop.  

Once word spread about what was happening, 33 writers accepted the invite to be a part of graff history. This was one lineup that had never been done on one wall in the city, ever! From OGs like Sekt, Turdl, Army, Kosek, Gray, Stori, Tead, Dems, Reft to the new school writers like Elmer, Pack, Amoe, Yogrt, Melo you’re bound to recognize someone or find your favorite writer.  

With the help of the GRCC, they prepped the wall with a fresh coat of gray paint. That color background was just what those burners needed to “pop”! 

It was great week to see everybody come together in the scene. As people arrived there was a chill vibe in the air. Those that weren’t painting were there just to hang out and swap blackbooks. Hell a few people even brought barbecues. As the week started to wind down, it was time to finish up the final details and kick back and admire the work they put in. 

This is one week I won’t ever forget in “real” Detroit Graffiti. To be there, to meet the people behind the names and to hear the stories they had to share. Those involved in the scene here truly appreciate what all of you did!  

Special thanks to Kosek & GRCC for organizing the wall and for those that participated on the Wall of Fame:

To see the wall in its’ entirety click on the links below:

Station Walls pt 1

Station Walls pt 2

Rawr (TST/RA/Wild Ones)

Tead (TST/Droids)





Fel3000ft (CF)

Amoe (DFW/TSR)

Head (EHC)

Teck (TSR)

Army (TSR/AFD)

Dems (TSR/LD)

Loaf (FBSK)



Serene (Xmen)

Turdl (SPMOB)

Sekt (SPMOB)

Pack (DFW/LD)

Niets (TAF/ICR)


Malt (TST)

Esey (TCK/TKO)


Yogrt  (MLB/ISH)

Elmer (LD/DFW/ISH)

Ink (CF)

Scech (CF)

Melo (LTK)

High5 (LTK)

Ramen (Heavenly Dogs/CSF)

Lushy (Heavenly Dogs)

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