Flick Friday: Chinatown & LES Part I

By - Friday, April 3rd, 2015

With spring nowhere in sight, I decided to head down to Manhattan to photograph a Vew roller and take my mind off the cold weather. As I often do, I wandered around the neighborhood to see if I found anything else interesting. This area never disappoints. Every couple of feet I’m like: “Damn, that’s dope. I gotta shoot that”. A planned hour long trip turns into a couple of hours but I’m not mad.

Chinatown and LES have great histories and a lot of little interesting alleys and corners. You can spend so much time there and not take everything in. Add graff to the mix and you find yourself in a part of NYC that you know has changed tremendously but still clings onto its identity. It’s great to be able to still see that. Nowadays it’s very easy for a neighborhood to get swallowed up by Corporate America and turned into one bland cultureless advertisement. It’s dope to see the communities push back in various ways and graff is a big part of that: the visual voice of the people. Changing landscapes a block at a time and never letting NYC forget who she is.

I broke up this installment of Flick Fridays into two parts. Didn’t want to overload you with 40 pics at a time. Stay tuned for part 2.

Feel free to comment below. Let us know what neighborhoods you love to explore for graff or any hoods you’d like to see covered in future Flick Fridays.

As always, check out the brick slayers thread in the forums for more graff in the wild.


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