Flick Friday: Bronx Graffiti

By - Friday, May 1st, 2015

This week’s Flick Friday explores the Boogie Down Bronx, one of our favorite boroughs to walk around or drive through. It still has the gritty edge that many parts of New York City has unfortunately lost. It’s one of the few places you can still find a bodega on just about every corner. What the borough lacks in economic power, it makes up for with culture. Music and art are a major part of the Bronx as a community and borough. Graffiti has flourished here, and continues to go strong. 

We asked some of the artists featured a few questions about graffiti and the Bronx. Here’s what they had to say.

Why does the graffiti scene in the Bronx matter? How is it different from other boroughs?


“I think it matters because of its history. Growing up on the six line, Seen, Pjay, Duster and a lot of the UA crew was something to be proud of. Every young kid in the neighborhood had a tag. Toy or otherwise. Some might disagree but I believe the classic style of graffiti piecing started in the Bronx. Not to mention all the bombers like Cap andthe rest of the Mpc guys and that’s only an example.”

“The Bronx is different how? I’m not going to say we are better than other boroughs but the Bronx has it’s own style and I think the majority of true writers understand the importance of being able to piece as well as bomb. At least I can speak for my team TFS and IMOK. It’s important to understand your roots and who paved the way.”

Logek 4Burners

“Just doing my part in contributing to keeping the Boogie Down fresh and alive with the graffiti culture. At the end of the day I’m just doing what I love to do.”

“There’s no difference in which borough I paint in, I just enjoy it any place and any chance I get.”

Gusto 4Burners

“The Bronx was and forever will be the mecca of graffiti. It gave birth to legends, shaped the art form, and is one of the only places in the world that keeps it 100%”

“It’s different because you can’t just roll up to the South Bronx with your box of art supplies and fancy cameras to create your your “street art” like you can in…say Brooklyn. It’s one of the few places you can still get your lunch money taken for walking down the wrong block”.

Just WF

“The Bronx has a large variety and is where a lot of graff bloomed, especially like train days…The 2 and the 5 line were glorious. Bronx is the leading pioneer of graff.”

“The Bronx is different from other boroughs cause a lot of writers their own style and format (their own techniques). The Bronx been doing it for a lot of years.”


“It matters because its the home hip hop where people once would come from everywhere to see it. Now it’s not like before. No more trains…just a couple of walls writers make the best of.” 

“It’s different…it has a lot of train lines, a lot of space to cover, and also a lot of crime at night. You should know someone if you ain’t from there”

Sedo BTC

“It’s important cuz we started it. We’re the pioneers. Some of the forefathers came out of this borough (Peace out to Cope2, King Case2…who lived in my building as I was coming up as a kid, Seen, and Blade). Overall the Bronx has birthed some of the elite writers to date.”

“Trying to keep up a tradition for this unspoken culture. A culture that has been recognized worldwide but not understood by all.”


“The graffiti scene in the Bronx matters because it is the Mecca of Hip-Hop. Believe it or not, people who respect the graffiti culture come from all over the world to the Bronx to see where it all began.”

“The Bronx is different from other boroughs because it has the most train lines that run outside the tunnel, and all of the highways in the Bronx connect to each other. So there’s more visible spots to hit in my opinion.”


“Graffiti scene in the Bronx matters because it’s part of the Bronx culture. It’s part of the struggle and growth. It’s part of the Bronx history. It was people expressing themselves, getting known, mixing hip hop into it..it’s still considered vandalism but that will never change the power of expressing yourself.  It’s everywhere from the murals done by tats cru to the street shit ducking and hiding amongst the shadows.”
“It’s different from other boroughs because the Bronx is where it all happened we created this shit it. will never be compared to any other borough..the culture is too real because of it….the way we carry ourselves, our style, can’t bite natural swag lols you know what I mean right lols EDO!”
“The style in the Bx looks fun, grimy, and dangerous…and I wanted a piece of that.”

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