Flick Fridays: Disko In The Roundhouse

By - Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Flick Fridays is a segment that will highlight a breed of photography exploring and seeking out graffiti prone areas. Each week a collection of original photographs, often of freight yards, tracks, abandoned buildings, city streets, and graffiti spots will be selected for Flick Fridays. The idea behind these posts is to go beyond just the graffiti and highlight the beauty of the surrounding environments as well. This weeks collection comes from Theoriginalgoober, a 12ozProphet contributor and rad photographer.

This Weeks Flicks: It was over this past summer that I was first informed about the abandoned roundhouse from a local connection I had. Located in the middle of nowhere in Western Massachusetts this building, which once served as a roundhouse for storing trains, now exists solely as a hidden graffiti museum known only by a hand full of  lucky people.

The guy who informed me about the place wasn’t exactly a graff head, so he hadn’t given me a low down on what to expect on the walls. Basically I was headed into this not really knowing what to expect, would there even be any graffiti?….what I would find would blow me away.

We pulled the car into the small dirt lot that was next to the tracks, I grabbed my camera and other gear and we started walking down the tracks. Before we knew it, we were looking at the building. The first sign of what was in store was a giant TBK roller piece by Mugs, Gleps, and Bord. Next I peered through the massive doors of the place, and all I could see was chrome paint covering almost the entire back wall. My graff-head instincts started to get excited. We made our way through the doors and what I saw blew my mind, a giant chrome Kems piece. I obviously knew who Kems was, but to see he made his way to this random spot in “no where” Massachusetts was crazy. As I panned around the other walls I saw a complex Cas piece with an incredible fill, as well as several Disko pieces of all styles and colors. I also spotted a dope Droid roller piece sitting above one of the nicer Diskos. I thought, “Damn, Droid knew about this place too? Crazy.”

The roundhouse was sort of split into two sides, so after I captured flicks of the first side we made our way over to the other. Slightly less impressive, and seemingly left for less known writers, it was still pretty awesome. I spotted burners by Estr and Mugs, as well as a nice throwie by Colts. And then I saw possibly the greatest part of this roundhouse, the super clean Disco roller spanning the entire left wall. On our way out I grabbed a few “artsy” flicks of window where the paint was peeling, as well as a few shots of an oncoming train as the sun set. The roundhouse is pretty well hidden, so chances are you aren’t likely to stumble upon it; but if you happen to be so lucky that you do find it…enjoy.

© all photos by theoriginalgoober (ES)

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