Flick Fridays: Freight Focus

By - Friday, March 27th, 2015

Flick Fridays is a segment that will highlight a breed of photography exploring and seeking out graffiti-prone areas. Each week a collection of original photographs, often of freight yards, tracks, abandoned buildings, city streets and graffiti spots will be selected for Flick Fridays. The idea behind these posts is to go beyond the graffiti and highlight the beauty of the surrounding environments as well. 

This Weeks Flicks: It was another brisk Monday in New England, but hey, can’t let the cold stop us from checking out some spots. My homie and I hopped in the car and decided we’d do a mini road trip around part of Massachusetts. The first stop was a little freight spot that had only two cars, one a lumber car and the other: a gem. First sight was the signature Mecro upside down “R.” Next to is was an intricate, colorful piece from Pike. The last little find was an old freight piece from Ridl. After catching flicks of the spot, we got back in the warmth of the car and made our way towards another mini yard near the Mass Pike.

Walking down the row of cars we saw a dope green piece by Zonke. The best find here, was a car by Visah and Tater from MUL crew. Still not super content with our findings for the day, we went to our last destination, a relatively small train yard in the middle of Massachusetts. Here we were impressed. First we spotted a classic Normel burner. Next we saw what really was one of the dopest freights I’ve seen, an incredible joint from Enue and Knows(Wane), I’ll let the images do the talkin’ on this one. We were also lucky enough to see a little piece from Large VTS, an old faded Awal, and a rad Optimist and Darel end to end. 

All in all, braving the cold paid off and was with out a doubt worth it. 

(All photos by theoriginalgoober)

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