Flick Friday: Providence Variety

By - Friday, March 13th, 2015

Flick Fridays is a segment that will highlight a breed of photography, exploring and seeking out graffiti-prone areas. Each week a collection of original photographs, often of freight yards, tracks, abandoned buildings, city streets and other popular graffiti spots will be selected and featured in Flick Fridays. The aim is to investigate graffiti and to highlight the beauty of its varying surrounding environments.

This Week’s Flicks: Providence, the small city in the little state of Rhode Island. It may be one of the most underrated cities in the graffiti game. Writers like Gyer, Lead, Dier, and Sloe, among others, have been painting up the streets and train tracks of Providence for years. Here is a small selection of flicks from Providence, highlighting some of the running work. Captured across a few different journeys to sections of the city, these photos document a variety of the styles of graffiti and spots that are being hit in Providence, RI.

A fresh white-out handstyle from Providence legend Gyer. A nice chrome burner from Tone. A Gwiz straight letter sitting just above the water. Another infamous Gyer throwie on a trackside wall. Dier hitting a rooftop of an abandoned theater. Lead with a trackside throw up. Reak and Sloe dominating a wall with matching straight letter. Xtr catching a nice green drippy tag on what the city was calling a piece of public art.

Check out the flicks above.

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