Flick Fridays: Random Freight Finds

By - Friday, February 27th, 2015

Flick Fridays is a segment that will highlight a breed of photography exploring and seeking out graffiti prone areas. Each week a collection of original photographs, often of freight yards, tracks, abandoned buildings, city streets, and graffiti spots will be selected for Flick Fridays. The idea behind these posts is to go beyond just the graffiti and highlight the beauty of the surrounding environments as well. 

This Week’s Flicks: Near where I live are a few hidden freight train layups. Usually only about 6 or so freight cars will be there on a given day, and if I’m lucky ill see a group of maybe 14. The freight cars that come through these spots are either covered hoppers or open-top hoppers. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, most of the open-top hoppers rarely have any decent graff on them, but every now and then I’ll get a glimpse at some old throwback pieces (mostly from the New York area). 

Over the past couple weeks I’ve accumulated some flicks of several well known writers who’s graff kindly rolled across the tracks into my neighborhood. As most of these older open-top hoppers tend to have bad surfaces for pieces, most of the time I have to look closely to find the gems. A small white-out Droid 907 tag, a clean Ichabod tag, and an Obese and Acet streaker tag. On really phenomenal days, I will see some spray paint on these hoppers, like the “OG” Dro ACC throwie and the fresh Spaz and Chet burners. Another great occurrence is the sight of covered hoppers, newer and a better canvas for graffiti they tend to have more pieces. I spotted a clean Watch piece, next to a dope Glich. I also caught an impressive Colts piece. Monikers are another common find on these freights, some include the ever-recognizable Creak, and Im Ugly. My favorite part about these layups, is getting to see super old pieces from some pretty well known writers. I caught flicks of an old Tyme piece next to an early one from a dude who’s been killing freights for the past few years: Isto; I guess these guys run (or ran) together as the “Ugly Boys”. The last throwback piece was one of my favorites, an old Jbue burner. 

Although the graffiti tends to be slim around these layups, every now and then even just the smallest little tag will come through, and while most normal people dont even glance at the freights, what pleasure it brings to be a graff-head. 


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